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Rules and Regulations

Identity Card

1. Every student will be issued an identity card. The student is required to carry his / her identity card at all times while he / she is at the institute and produce it when required.

2. In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate shall be issued on payment of Rs. 100/- by the student.

3. The identity card is valid only for the duration of the course the student has got the admission.


1. Every student is expected to maintain minimum of 85% of attendance in both theory and lab sessions. In case of unavoidable circumstances the problem should be discussed with the institute authority.

2. Sanctioning of leave is at the discretion of the authority. Student required to apply leave in duplicate and retain a copy of leave letter duly signed by the concern authority. All leave letters will be thoroughly scrutinized.

Payment of Fees

  • The Student must pay his/her fee during the specified period as communicated by the Institute / University
  • In case the student doesn't pay the fee during the specified time, late fee will be charged as per dates communicated by institute / university
  • The fee is non-refundable in any case.
  • The examination fee of Rs. 600/- per semester is to be paid along with the semester fee.
  • In case the student wants to discontinue the course at any time after join, parents are liable to pay Rs. 10,000/- extra apart from the payment made till that time.e


    • Refundable deposit of Rs. 1000/- to be paid.
    • Institute has its own library. Books will be issued to the student for a period of 7 days for extra reference.
    • In case of loss or damage to the books student will have to bear the expense of the book or replace the same.


      • The institute reserves the right to update the course through the change in methodology, contents, structure & scheme of examination from time to time.
      • No student will be allowed to enter the institute without the permission of the institute authorities, once he/she completes the course.
      • In addition to the above rules & regulations, student is also bind over to the rules & regulations of the university from time to time.

        Internal Assessment

        • The students will have to appear for the periodic tests and complete all Assignments/ Presentations given to them for the purpose of internal assessment.
        • Students will be eligible for the Final Examination only if he/she secures minimum 40% marks in the internals.
        • Assignments given to students will have to be submitted within the specified time period.
        • Evaluation of Test/Assignments/Presentations by the faculty for the purpose of Internal Assessment will be final and will be binding on the student.

          Final Examinations

          • Final Examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester.
          • The exam schedule of Final Examination will be communicated to the students.
          • The grade of pass require marks not less than 40% in each paper and the overall score (Internal + External) should not be less than 50%
          • Overall score will be calculated as follows : Internal Assessment - 25% External Assessment - 75%
          • If the student fails to clear any of the examination he or she will be allowed to reappear by paying a fee of Rs. 600/- per semester.
          • The evaluation and marks declared for final examination will be binding on the students.
          • The final examination answer script will not be shown to the students under any circumstance.

            Award of Degree / Diploma Certificates

            • The Degree/Diploma/Certificate will be awarded to the student only if he/she has acquired a pass grade in all the semester-end examinations within the maximum duration of the course.
            • In case the student does not clear all the semester-end examinations in the maximum time as mentioned in the course details, he/she will not be awarded any Degree/Diploma Certificate. In such case no refund of fee will be given.
            • In the event, a student is not a in a position to continue the course that he sought admission to, the student will not be awarded Degree/ Diploma/Certificate. In such case no refund of fee will be given.
            • Detail Mark Card (DMC) shall be issued only to the student passing , all the subjects of the semester examination.
            • The Degree is processed after the successful completion of course, by paying Rs.1000/- along with attested copy of all DMC and eligibility certificates.


              • Students are required to observe decorum while attending the course.
              • Students found violating the rules may be disallowed to continue and his/her admission can be cancelled without any claim of the fee paid.
              • Students coming late than the scheduled time will not be allowed to the classes for the day and will be marked as absent

                Uniform & Items for Management

                • College Uniform (Trousers - 2, Shirts - 2, Blazer, Tie & Shoes)
                • Laptop (Optional)
                • Executive College Bag
                • All study Materials


                Uniform & Items for Hotel Management

                • College Uniform (Black Trousers - 2, White Shirts - 2, Blazer, Tie & Black Shoes)
                • Food & Beverage Production Uniform (Check Trousers, Chef Jacket, Apron, Scraf )
                • Stationery Kit (College Bag, Log Book)
                • All study Materials



                • Hostel is compulsory for the outstation students.
                • Students should be strictly abide by the rules and regulation of the management.
                • Students will be provided furnished accommodation with all type of facilities.

                  • 24 Hours water supply
                  • Doctor on call
                  • Security
                  • Newspapers & Magazines

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